The Kids

Just a Quick Note

To Grandmother’s House We Go

First Game of the Season

Today in Indentured Servitude

The Adventures of Naked Girl

I Magically Poop Charms

The Tube

Naptimethoughts Goes to Back to School Night

August Should Be Illegal

No Pants

A Brief Synopsis of J’s First Tee-Ball Practice

The Low Rider

The Trojan Horse 

My Miss Michelle Mishap


Boys Are Gross

Have No Fear, Supermom is Here

I Told Him… Eventually

Our Weekend Plans

K’s New BFF

K Tells a Joke

K and Sir Elton

J Goes to Kindergarten

K and the Garbage

Me and Spongebob (Caution: Not Funny at all)


Space Farms


Good Times at McDonalds

Bros Before Hos

Return to Goryeb’s Children’s Hospital

Fun with Toddlers


Fun with J

This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record

No Good, Very Bad, Day

The Special Kisses

No Respect, I Get No Respect

Creepy Old Guy

Today I am a Kickass Mom

Kindergarten Orientation

J Plays War wth Himself

Goryeb Children’s Hospital

A Text to the Husband

The Child Vomits. A lot.

Text to the Husband


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