Paul, At… er… Pauls email address… Writes:

Dear NTT:

 You have a very luxurious coat. What is your preferred method of keeping the fleas away?


 Your most admiring commenter, 


Dear Paul,

It is lovely, isn’t it? I’m a long haired calico, cats don’t get prettier than me.

As far as fleas go, I’ve never ever seen a single one. They are beneath me, and know better than to brush my luxurious fur with their nasty pestilent bodies.

Furthermore, I don’t go outside, and I am an only cat. The food server and litter box changer tried– once — to bring a puppy into my home, hence the mug shot, but other than that day I’ve never been exposed to a flea carrier. That sort of thing is disgusting and only fit for dogs and lower born cats than myself.

Hope that answers your question,

NTT’s Gravitar