Sarcasmica, taking only half her award. She is very inspiring as well, but needs some confidence. GREAT BLOGGER. Check out her page.


Thank you, ! has become my fairy Blogmother. ( ) Thank you for answering all the stupid inane questions only asked by senior citizens firing up their dial up desktops!!

Here are the rules, as dictated by naptimethoughts, interpreted by Moi and passed down to my own nominees.

  1. Thank your Nominator (it’s just the polite thing to do) in the form of a link to your nominators’ page; for everyone likes free publicity. If you’d like, let everyone know (in 500 words or fewer) what the world would be like, and how it would be better with you at the helm. Feel free to cut and paste “If sarcasmica ruled the world” for everyone else to read, follow. Be succinct. Or don’t. Whatever floats your knockers.
  2. Make up some crap about yourself. 10 things that are entirely false, but you TOTALLY wish they were true. Points for…

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