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Some weeks ago, we took the children to visit their Grandparents in Virginia.  While we were away, a friend of mine took our dogs into her home to love and care for them as her own.

Awwwww….. Isn’t she the best?
Then this happened.
I’m sure it was A LOAD of fun for her. It’s certainly wasn’t A HUGE WASTE of time. I’m certainly glad she gives A CRAP about my adorable puppy.

A Haiku for Brandee:

My enormous dog
took a huge shit in her crate
for Brandee to clean.

How could you stay mad at this face? I mean, once you finished sopping up the shit in the waaaaay back corners of her gigantic crate.

She shat waaaaaay in back,
then rolled in it, just for you.
She’s considerate.

Thank you.

I’m so sorry Brandee. I only laughed a little at your terrible misfortune. It so sucks to be you. Penny is REALLY REALLY big, and shits a TON.
Next time she visits she’ll be all grown up and able to hold it better.

There’ll be a next time… Right?