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Elaine Canham, until three days ago, had never had a Twinkie.
Crazy, but true.
When she was a child, she did not watch her Saturday morning cartoons, punctuated by commercials starring Twinkie the Kid,

twinkie_the_kid The Kid, in all his glory.

and should we ever run out of food, she and all her fellow Brits shall starve, for they will have nothing to eat that will last forever in a cellophane wrapping (For our story, lets assume a life of Twinkies at every meal is preferable to death), and a thousand years after we’re all dead from A bombs, H bombs, and whatever letter prefix we come up with next in order to make certain death more convenient, the cockroaches will thrive upon twinkles, creating a new (and rather disgusting) race of diabetic cockroach people.


Obviously, the situation needed to be remedied. So, together we instituted a snack cake and biscuit/cookie…

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