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As I was scrolling through my email this morning, this ad popped up and caught my attention…

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DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? Finally, someone has realized that laziness is a full time job. As you are probably aware, I spend a good portion of my life in my Momsemble, which consists of yoga pants, a tee shirt, and flip flops. Comfy, yes. Appropriate for most of my mom duties, yes. Yet, there are still some irksome times when I am forced to put on real clothes.

Wait... Did you think people who do yoga buy the majority of yoga pants?

Wait… Did you think people who actually do yoga buy the majority of yoga pants? Oh no, if that were true, they wouldn’t need to make so many pairs in 3x.

This is a game changer for me. I was impressed when they came out with pajama pants disguised as denim jeans, but dress yoga pants… (tear) this…  I never have to change from my Momsemble again.
There is no longer any event that is out of reach for the Momsemble.



Pajama pants disguised as jeans. For those who really really need to go to the grocery store, but really, really, really don’t want to change.

It’s like the whole world has opened up for the lazy. The Momsemble covers it all. Weddings, funerals, awards ceremonies, lunch with the President, PTA meetings, whatever my busy, on the go schedule requires.  Now, if I just had something fancy to go on t… WHA????


Nothing says fancy like a tuxedo tee, and the narrow vest print has a slimming effect. Just remember to tuck it into your dress yoga pants before you head out to that black tie event you plan to attend.

The Momsemble goes everywhere. Some examples:

A day at the office:

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Notice the fake bedazzlement. Perfect cubicle wear.

Office party:

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“It was a simple misunderstanding. I can explain.”

Christmas party:

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Pajama elf hat and elf slipper shoes sold separately.

Evening out on the town:

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My eyes are up here, buddy.

Even a day at the beach.

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Who needs all that dieting and tanning. I have better things to not do.

I wonder if Pajama Jeans make nice cut-offs.

The Momsemble can do anything and be anywhere. Now all I need is a pair of sh…. WHA????

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THEY’RE SLIPPERS! (also available in pink, made by Isotoner.) For all those errands I’ve put off doing because I really really didn’t want to change. I’m stylin’ in my tee-shirt, pajama jeans and slipper/shoes.

They don’t really go with my Dress yoga pants though…



It’s the massage slipper. Directly from our friends in China, a massage slipper that is work/corporate casual wearable. A pedicure is necessary, it’s true, but for comfy massage feet all day? Sometimes it’s worth getting up off the couch. Anyway, some pedicure places make house calls. Now to replace my stilettos….

But… I can’t find any slipper-heels. NO SLIPPER HEELS? This could ruin my whole plan.

To the folks out there in Fairfax New Jersey (from whence our “as seen on TV” products come), and that guy Vince, who took over after that other guy Billy Maze who screamed all the time and then died, remember him? You know, Vince who was in jail, but got out, and now he sells super towels in the middle of the night?

You all need to get on that. THERE IS A MARKET FOR STILETTO SLIPPERS. My wardrobe will not be complete without them.

Please, my friends out in the web-world. There has got to be a pair of slipper heels somewhere. Find them. Send them to meeeeeee….. I’ll send you a *prize.