So, I’m really really busy. The Puppy, the children, tee ball, Law and Order marathons, you know. The usual. Inyhoo, I just didn’t get to write you guys anything new this week, so, since I’m also a busy little bee writing for Kerry’s Winding Road (May 2) Freestyle Fridays, CHECK HER OUT– SHE ROCKS– I decided to put this up this week. Maybe assuage my guilt a bit for leaving you all for so long.
Plus- I’m absolutely positive nobody read this. It’s “Old blog tuesday!!!”


Whoever it was that said “it’s just like riding a bike!” Needs to go off somewhere and fuck themselves.

While we were at the beach, I had a brilliant idea that would spruce up my fitness routine a bit.
I would start a fitness routine.
Yes folks, I would get up off my fat ass and do something all exercisey. I would get a bicycle.
I remembered my youth, and all those carefree days on my bike. I remembered my teens, when I used to ride my lavender ten speed for exercise. I would wear my sports bra and some spandex shorts and head out. It was more than exercise then, it was a public service to all the pervy old men in my neighborhood.
So the other day I was at Target (and I know what you’re going to say here, you’re going to congratulate me for choosing such…

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