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The Quintet of Radiance Award and The Liebster Award


Hey look what I got!!! A big big thank you to Jenni for nominating me for this award. The Quintet of Radiance is a bundle of five awards, all of which are so nice they made me blush. It’s a special award, and I am honored to receive it.


In order to radiate, I have to describe myself using the alphabet. This may not go well… But what the heck, I’m up for a challenge today.


Here we go:

A: Abstract, I see things on a slant.
B: Beautiful. Since you can’t see me, I feel safe with that lie total truth.
C: Contraindicated. Don’t take me with certain medications, I could cause an allergic reaction, pancreatitis, or death.
D: Means diploma.
E: Effervescent- like ginger ale, but better.
F: What I got in algebra.
G: Generally underappreciated. I think every mom out there can feel me on this one.
H: Hot. See B.
I: Ill-mannered. You can’t take me anywhere.
J: My first born. He would describe me as “a serious embarrassment.”
K: My daughter. She’s two and a half, so she would describe me as “Mommy!! huugusumufa J puppy Mommy!!!”
L: Loving. Awwwww…..
M: My God, I’m half way through.
N: Never knows when to shut up.
O: Offensive- See N, but I never mean it.
P: Potent. Only sometimes though, should I eat too many greens or beans or something.
Q: Quite inquisitive. I like to learn new things. Like blogging, for example.
R: Is for reef tanks. I love my salt water fish and coral.
S: Self deprecating. Quite obviously.
T: True. I don’t lie, even when it’s in my best interest. (exception: B and H)
U: Undead. I try my best not to associate with them.
V: Vampires: Count as undead. See U.
W: Wise beyond my years. Okay not really, but it felt good to pretend for a minute.
X: Xylophone, I played it in college. Also the marimba.
Y: Yella. I’d do quite badly in an old western duel.
Z: Zipper. I managed to get one for X, so I think I should get a break on this one. There just aren’t many adjectives that start with Z.

So there you have it, Me from A to Z.


Now to send this quintuple award on. I hope you guys are happy with your nomination, and send it on. I tried to be considerate of who already had what, and who (I think) plays the awards game. I did my best, anyway. John, no excuses.

Meg at dearcrazykids
Amanda at insidethelifeofmoi
Kerry at Winding Road
John at anapperscompanion
Kate at kate@didthatjusthappenblog
the Asylym Keeper at Farmer Farthing
My Mummy at Mummyflyingsolo


And now for something completely different. (a Monty Python moment)

Next a liebster!!! I like the rules for this one, because there aren’t any. I get to change it up however I like, so get ready nominees.
Scottishmomus, a big thank you for the Liebster. Anybody who hasn’t checked her out, you should.


For this Leibster,

1. Please thank and link back to the persons’ blog who nominated you for this award in your gracious acceptance speech.
2. Please answer the questions I have written especially for you.
3. Nominate some folks of your own. Pick a number, any number of bloggers you feel are deserving of the award. Especially new bloggers, or bloggers who just didn’t get this one yet. Take the time to check out their pages and be considerate.
4. Make up some questions for them to answer and feel free to be creative.
5. Notify your winners, and click post. Voila!

Here are your questions: Ahem.

For this award we’ll make the theme:
“Which of your followers would? (and why?)”
Please provide a link to the page of whichever follower serves as your answer. Have fun!

If something horrible happened to you, and you lay bleeding on the side of the road, which of your followers would:

  1. use their hands, feet and face to staunch the bleeding?
  2. step gingerly over the pools of your blood and stand by your side while the paramedics came?
  3. run to your aid while writing a post on what’s happening at the same time?
  4. reach into their mom purse and have everything she needed to treat your injuries on the spot?

K, that’s it. Get creative.
Here are my nominees:

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celebrating vef
The Green lizard
Renee at she said in her heart
Sarasienna at my silent escapes
Storm Dan momseyeview
Sara at the salmonyatra
mistine at crazy purls
Lindsay at solomama

Enjoy your new award, you all deserve it.