I got an award!! I must admit, I have been coveting this one. There’s just something about being versatile that gets me all excited. I suppose because it implies that I am able to do so many different things so gosh darn well.

I said it implies.

Inyhoo, thank you very very much to Amanda at Insidethelifeofmoi for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

The rules for acceptance of this award are thus:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for your new fancy schmancy award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance speech. You know, thank all the little people.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers.

Okay… seven random facts…. seven random facts… Hmmmm… I really ought to be versatile enough to come up with seven random facts about myself.
I think I’ll make the theme for this award list “Firsts”

  1. My first crush was Floyd, the muppet who played electric guitar in Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. (From “The Muppet Show”- for you young’uns)
  2. I gained 100lbs. with my first child. Bed rest and Little Debbie are not a good mix.
  3. I got my first pet when I was six. It was a gerbil, and one day while we were playing, he got wet; I don’t remember how. He was cold, so I decided to warm him up… in the microwave. He lived, but he never walked in a straight line again.
  4. My first apartment flooded during hurricane Floyd. My roommate and I were a trifle stoned, and as the water rose through the floor and up the walls, we discussed and debated what the possible cause might be. Eventually we decided “flood”.
  5. My first boyfriend was ten years older than me. I didn’t particularly like him, but my mother HATED him, and that was the important thing. It didn’t last very long, I think words like “criminal charges” and “sex offenders registry” discouraged him from seeing me any longer.
  6. My first job was as a paperboy. Well, girl. I was 11 and every morning I slung 600 pounds of newspapers around my neck, hopped on my rusty pink huffy with its’ two foot long banana seat, and delivered papers to the farthest possible regions of my neighborhood (for next to no money). My father said I was building character. Really, I was building a series of herniated discs in my back, and only worked until I had made enough money to buy a respectable bicycle.
  7. On my sons’ first day of preschool, he kissed me goodbye and ran off to play. He shed not a tear, no clinging to my leg, nothing. I got in the car and cried the whole way home, missing my baby boy. I even called MY mother for sympathy.

Now…. Get ready, ‘cause I’m gonna get my nomination on.

These awards tend to drive up traffic to your site, so this time I’m including some (not all, but some) sites that aren’t getting the traffic they deserve. Check them all out, they’re all worth your time.

  1. Nancytex2013 at myyearofsweat – I can feel myself getting healthier just by reading your blog. I truly believe in exercise by osmosis.
  2. sarcasmica – Now you are a bona-fide award winner
  3. Priyanka  at bettermom – Cause she’s smart. I like smart people, and aspire to be one someday.
  4. Suzy  at theairingcupboard- She’s funny. If you haven’t, check her out.
  5. Cheergerm – because she makes brownies healthy. I can get behind that.
  6. Elaine at elainecanham Because we both love “The Sound of Music”
  7. Suburbanprincessteacher – You rock, and I dunno if you have this award. You should have this award.
  8. Denise at tidbitsofdenise- She likes Haiku as much as I do.
  9. Rose at from2to3kids – Because we have more common than I thought.
  10. whatIvelearnedfornow – Because her boys are farty too.
  11. Storiesofourboys – Screw turkey bacon. Nasty business.
  12. Kyangel17 – I like dog people. I’m a dog person too, in fact, we’re about to adopt a newfie pup.
  13. Jenni at jenniferann1970 – You’re sassy. I love it.