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I spent all day yesterday mulling over this. Bad day, I suppose.
J does not yet attend elementary school, yet I am on first name basis with the principal; not because my son is an exemplary student, though he is, as all (or both, if you want to be technical) my followers already know.

I had forgotten that J had his kindergarten screening yesterday. I was unprepared for the screening, and also for the length.
K is in her stroller. The screening is on the second floor. We’ll begin there.

The tantrum began quickly after j went in to be tested. As soon as I saw the clipboard bulging with 800 pages of information about j’s temperament, preschool history, bowel movements, sandwich preference, etc. I knew we were fucked. She was in the stroller doing the lift and twist thing she does to try and pop the restraints. I made…

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