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Today I accidentally wore a velour track suit. Of course, you say, this implies that at one point I bought a velour track suit, and that was clearly on purpose. You would be right, although I rarely admit it, and when I do, the admission comes with a disclaimer:
–I never ever planned on wearing both pieces of the suit together, thus negating its status as “suit”. It was simply a pair of comfy pants and a jacket to grab when my other light jacket is in the wash. —
This morning, however, the stars were aligned (or maybe the laundry rotation was aligned) and after donning my usual tee and comfy pants for my morning chauffeur duties, I grabbed the velour jacket.
I didn’t know.
I put my kid on the bus.
I dropped k off at preschool.
I drove down to the dr. for bloodwork.
All of the people at these locations saw me wearing a velour track suit, and none of them were given a disclaimer.
Then, I stopped at the Wawa for a cup of coffee, and in the reflection of the store from the front window, I caught a glimpse of this lady walking around in a velour track suit.
Just as I was about to make some cynical meanish joke to myself about the jersey mom in the velour track suit I realized…

It was cold this morning. My options were limited.