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Twenty- five years ago, Elton John appeared on The Muppet Show. Recently, that very episode landed in my DVD player.
Someone bought my children a copy of The Muppet Show, season 2, which my daughter watches with relish. In fact, there were several occasions when I had to physically peel her little eyeballs off the TV screen. That was difficult, as you would imagine. Not the eyeballs part, but we have a really nice TV.

It came to pass that K only wanted to watch the Elton John episode, forgoing all others.
Even Dora was kicked to the curb. (A slight that relieved me all the way to my blackened, Dora tortured soul)
Taking the cue from my daughter, I made her a cd to play in the car. The first track on the disc is:
“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”
Aaaaaaand I’ve never heard the rest of the CD.

She wants THAT SONG over and over. If Dante were still alive, he would rewrite the Inferno just to include my particular level of hell.
And don’t try to turn it off either Mommy, because you’ll be listening to K wail all the way to your destination instead, and I can confirm that when K gets her wail on, she can not only break glass, but she can melt steel. I don’t recommend it.

I dream in duck suits. I wake up and go to sleep with “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in my head. I subconsciously gravitate to bedazzled clothing, and that’s not good for anyone.
Eventually she’ll grow out of it, but will it be before or after Mommy’s psychotic break?
The race is on.