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Hooray for Tric!!! She is my 100th follower!! We, at the Naptime Thoughts household, (I, the husband, J and K) welcome you to the fold with open arms; or whatever that becomes in the blogosphere.

And now for a little about Tric. If you don’t happen to know her, Tric is a superhero. She is faster than a speeding bullet, she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and she writes fantastic poetry at:

Tric at mythoughtsonapage.com

I welcome you Tric, into the deep dark recesses of my mind that are Naptime Thoughts. Naptime Thoughts might sound sweet, like parenting advice, or a recipe swap, but I’m here to tell you that in fact you have won an all access pass to everything I can’t say in public. Enjoy. Now here are some others who welcome you to Naptime Thoughts:

St. Louis welcomes you:


Some variety of rare deer also welcomes you warmly.


And so, in closing, keep an eye on that inbox, Tric, because Ima stick my thoughts in it.