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People, the time has come. I am at 99 devoted followers.
I said that I would do something special when I made it to 25 wonderful readers, then I pussed out.
Then I said 50. When I make it to 50 followers I will make a huge fucking spectacle of whoever is my 50th follower; grocery store style. Then I procrastinated again, I didn’t know what I should do… So I waited till 100.

How do I make this person feel special over the blogosphere? It’s upon me RIGHT NOW. The next follower will be 100, and I need help.
I threw some confetti at my iPhone earlier, and it’s a no-go. I also surveyed the place where my plug goes in for a possible cake shove. I’m fairly sure it would not make it. I’m so non-tech-savvy, I’m lucky I can get these blogs up in the first place.
So I turn to you.
What should I do?