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There is a problem in my home.
Things have been disappearing.
I thought maybe I’d been too busy and had been misplacing things.
Or maybe I live in a giant crane machine. Maybe someday I’ll be plucked out.
I’ve turned the place upside down looking for “the missing”,
I’ve even spent time considering whether “the missing” ever existed at all.
I’ve seriously considered the state of my own mental health.
I’ve closed the dryer door, and then opened it again real fast to check for the sock monster.
I’ve wondered if “the missing” didn’t just sink into the greater mess that is my house.
I wondered if I could call that short lady from “poltergeist”, or get in touch with those guys with the ghost equipment, and the creepy white van. “The Ghost Hunters”.
Most of all, I wonder where all my shit went.

Today…. Today, I got my answer.


If you look carefully at my garbage, because my garbage makes for fantastic photography, you’ll notice one of J’s sandals and my sunglasses among the refuse…

She’s been laughing at me all along.