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I might be dating myself, but I used to watch a Canadian show called The Kids in the Hall. If you’ve ever seen it you know its a really funny show, and one of the funniest sketches they did was a sketch about cancer. Dave Foley came out onto a stage and announced that “leading scientists had found the cause of cancer”. Then they brought Bruce out (I think it was Bruce) and

Dave said: Bruce, do you have something to say to all these nice people?
Bruce said: I’m sorry I caused all that cancer. I won’t do it again.

Simple, elegant, and somehow, it took the sting out of a really stingy subject. Its hard to joke about cancer, but they did it with style. It was my first thought this morning when I found out my sisters cancer has returned.
It’s my habit to find the funny in my troubles, but I got nothing.

It’s stage 2 bladder cancer. If anybody’s got any info, I’d be glad to hear it.