This morning I spied
With my own two eyes
Three children getting on
A school bus to ride.

Now, this is quite normal,
It happens a lot,
In fact, when you’re 5,
riding the school bus is hot.

But this house is across the street from the school!
These people are all ridiculous fools.

The bus picks them up, and makes its first right!
Into the school lot!
Where the school kids alight!

What the fuck? Says I,
These kids are like nine.
And their mom was there with them
I all but whine.

They can’t cross a street?
Where cars hardly are seen?
And walk by themselves
Over school property green?

Their mom can still see them
as they get off the bus!
How positutely retarded
I scowl in a fuss,
It’s time to let them grow up
(And I cuss).

Loudly. Actually, I think the kids heard me. And maybe the mom too. I’ll go the other way to drop my kid at preschool tomorrow.