Today, I battled all the enemies a four (almost five) year old can dish out, and lived to tell the tale. Moreover, the other side will live to tell the tale, and maybe be better for it.
I am, anyhow.
This is why women should rule the world. It’s not that we wouldn’t fight. We would, but at the end of the day, all would bow their heads and acknowledge a winner. (Grudgingly) Maybe take a nappy.
It was a brutal fight on his side. I took all the ammunition an almost 5-year-old has to offer, I was called “stupid Mom” and “jerk”. My counter, a time out and nap, instead of quiet time and a movie.
In the end, he quieted and accepted his punishment gracefully. He’s sleeping now, and I’m proud because my temper was always in check. I never even raised my voice.
I was the Buddha of tantrum officials.
No punchline today, nothing awkward or funny happened. It was raining, we stayed in. I just needed to mark the day. Thanks for listening.