This falls under the category:

“Shit I can’t Believe I had to do because You Weren’t Home.”

Your son came to me just before his quiet time saying
“I wanna pee through my underpants.”

Naturally, a red flag popped up. He said to me, after I voiced my concerns regarding wet underpants, “No like daddy does.”

It took me a few minutes, but I got there.
Immediately I began to bargain. Daddy will be home after quiet time, said I, why don’t you wait until then? No?
How about a lollipop if you wait till then?
How about a pony?
How about a car.

He’s bound and determined to yank his four-year-old member through his superman undies and try to hit the cheerio. All I could think about was having to plunge my fingers into the man of steel should my vague verbal instruction fail, and he lost purchase.
And was it vague.

I don’t have one of those, and I’ve certainly never had to lecture on the usage of a miniature version.

As an answer to my prayers (and flop sweat), he got it out himself. It didn’t seem to point the right direction at the offset, but after some minor adjustment, we achieved lift off.
And he got… I’d say seventy percent of it in the bowl. I don’t have any idea if that was a good first attempt or not, so I said
I don’t know if I was supposed to be more encouraging, but “Okay” was all I had.The whole thing took a lot out of me, after all.
Mommy needed nappy.

Superman made it through okay, but the floor and the litter box took a beating. I cleaned it up. He’s in quiet time.
You’re on deck for K’s first period.